“Valerie is a strikingly smart and thoughtful visionary - always able to create or see possibilities when others do not - and unlike some 'big thinkers' she actually has the practical energy and drive to make those possibilities a reality. She also has huge personal warmth and presence, no doubt one of the reasons she also has a phenomenal network (which she is very generous in using to help others). Hard to imagine anyone not being impressed by her.”

Caroline Webb, CEO, SevenShift; Senior Advisor, McKinsey

“Valerie is tremendously gifted at creating the win-win among those who are usually polar opposites, speaking the languages of business leaders and social advocates, conservatives and liberals, academics and activists.”
Martha Kegel, Co-founder Permanent Supportive Housing Coalition

"Valerie Keller is a wildfire leaping barriers and cultures to ingite change and create new realities wherever she goes. She has a luminescent intelligence, a vivid imagination for what could be and a network to die for. 

To say she is creative is like saying Picasso painted a little. I can't imagine doing anything worthwhile and not asking her for her ideas, observations and connections.”
Greg Simon, CEO, Poliwogg

“Valerie is a natural leader, a change-agent, a catalyst. Her work harnessing the power of the business sector as the vehicle to effect political and social good stands on the shoulders of the great trailblazing business executives and civic activists – she is a torch-bearer for the next generation of leaders.”
Nadine Hack, Executive-in-Residence, IMD; CEO, beCause Global Consulting