Pioneering Social Enterprise








Traditional charity shelters provide band-aid services trapped in unreliable fundraising cycles -- rather than creating solutions to poverty's root-causes, affording vulnerable citizens dignity and creating paths to self-sufficiency that result in positive social and economic impact.








Transition from bankrupt NGO shelter to umbrella
organization incubating and spinning off innovative, hybrid (for-profit/non-for-profit) enterprises across sectors including:

  1. behavioral healthcare facilities
  2. real estate developments
  3. community-based social services
  4. retail enterprises


Led asset acquisitions, transformation of headquarters campus into state-of-the-art center for visual and musical arts, handicrafts, horticulture enterprises

Pioneering public-private partnerships across:
• Federal, State, Local Government

• Corporations

• Foundations, Philanthropists



Led operational restructuring;

Growth via mergers & acquisitions, start-ups and incubations


Instituted a corporate culture of innovation, cascading leadership, and creativity with sustainable, replicable systems and standards of excellence



Special U.S. Congressional pilot designation: Innovative interventions created new industry best practices


380% increase in clients served, more than 20,000 lives impacted

Revenue CAGR >40%


Internationl and domestic recognition and awards include

World Economic Forum

Direct Relief International

Council on Foundations

Community Wealth Partners

McCormick Tribune Foundation

PACE: Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

United States Senate

Awards and recognition:
o U.S. Congress designation as urban revitalization infill development model;
o United States Federal Government ‘Green Housing’ award recipient
o Internationally recognized, among others by World Economic Forum, for pioneering public-private partnerships
o Nationally recognized for emergency response/disaster recovery innovations post Hurricane Katrina



In 2011 the organization completed spin out and divestesture of most assets and services but retained women's and children's services that can be supported via

Outreach Center