Healthcare Innovations





Untreated substance abuse and mental illness in the U.S. resulting in:

• Unemployment and homelessness,

family distress and hardship

• Severe societal and economic costs




Launched state-of-the-art

behavioral healthcare hospital for patients with co-occuring disorders

Competitive advantage from innovations in financing (public, private, insurance reimbursement) and integrated treatment across full 'continuum of care':

  1. Medically-Supported Detox
  2. Intensive Inpatient
  3. Transitional Treatment
  4. Intensive Outpatient


Led strategy design & business planning, U.S. market analysis


Secured start-up seed funding

Implemented operations, obtaining licenses, insurance and state agency reimbursement contracts, implemented staffing and IT infrastructure





• Hybrid for-profit/non-profit projected to serve 800 patients annually

• Forcasted 23% annual net profit margins

Nationally recognized for hybrid business model (Community Wealth Ventures); Internationally recognized for business innovation (University of Oxford Entreprenuerial Competition)