Interview with Valerie Keller originally published in Rewiring Business and the Global Leadership Post, by Anne Ravanona:

"This concept of ‘how do we create a bigger ‘We’?’ is the concept I live in as a leader. My passion is helping people live lives of dignity and fulfillment. That has been my driving force through whatever businesses or career objectives I have had. Leadership for me is a ‘how’ to that end. So for me there are two key points in my leadership style to create a better ‘We’: 1) help people think less about our differences and celebrate our diversity. Understanding that We as a world – across corporations, government, cultures, societies – are much more similar than we are dissimilar, creates a common framework towards creating a shared win. That also applies to leading teams. 2) How do we create effective and powerful teams? I am very collaborative and continually look to instill a Yin/Yang balance. even as we’re decisive and outcomes-focused. We becomes how we interact, talk to each other, respect each other, have a common framework, goals and vision. So to summarize, my leadership style is about convening and catalyzing action, so We can meet objectives, improve peoples’ lives and communities."

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